NSF I/UCRC Robots and Sensors for the Human Well-being (ROSE-HUB)

I/UCRC, which stands for Industry-University Cooperative Research Center, is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded consortium of companies and universities working together on industry-relevant research in an emerging field.

ROSE-HUB is a multi-university NSF I/UCRC focused on applied robotics and sensing research in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, energy, transportation manufacturing, material handling, homeland security, and emergency preparedness and response. University partners include University of Minnesota (Lead University), University of Pennsylvania, University of Denver, UNC Charlotte, and the newest member of Purdue University. This is the only NSF I/UCRC focused on robotic and sensing technology for human safety and security. It replaces the NSF I/UCRC SSR-RC.

SITE MISSION: The UNC Charlotte ROSE-HUB site mission is to conduct member-oriented, multidisciplinary research on computation-driven robotic and sensor systems augmented by data analysis, to improve the safety, capability and well-being of humans as workers, patients, and customers.

SITE DIRECTOR: Dr. Jing Xiao, IEEE Fellow, Professor of Computer Science, xiao@uncc.edu, 704-687-8587.

MEMBERSHIP: Annual full membership fee is at least $35,000 (minimum), and the Affiliate membership fee is at least $10,000. We recommend a fee contribution at the level of $50,000 or above for effectively funding research projects most relevant to the member’s interest. Members can be from industry, government, and also non-profit organizations. We aim to create a healthy ecosystem of member companies to best leverage the center/site’s research expertise and maximize the benefit to each member as a value multiplier:

  • Leverage member R&D budgets through substantial return of investment (ROI) in new technologies of common interests. Membership fees are to fund faculty research projects driven by members and subject to only 10% overhead.

  • Expand member R&D Efforts by gaining access to royalty-free licenses for technology developed at all I/UCRC ROSE-HUB university sites.

  • Expand member industry growth by strategic cooperation with other member industries working with related technologies to accelerate commercialization.

  • Access to an experienced talent pool of students at all levels, including PhD graduates, to hire, who are trained and already exposed to member organizations, needs and culture.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Each site of the multi-university center has its own consortium of member companies. The UNC Charlotte site currently has the following full members: Electric Power Research Institute (http://www.epri.com/), Carolinas Healthcare System (http://www.carolinashealthcare.org/), the Daniel Group (http://www.thedanielgroup.com/), SSI SCHAEFER (http://www.ssi-schaefer.de/en/home.html),  Curacloud (http://www.curacloudcorp.com/), Clever-M (http://www.clever-m.com/), and ABB (www.abb.com).

CONTACT: Kathleen Elkins, Business Development Director, kelkins@uncc.edu, 704-995-7558.

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